We help manufacturers and dealers
see more clearly.


Clearbuilt is an ERP system that takes some of the most complex aspects of manufacturing and multi-product dealerships and makes them simpler.

Way back in 1994, our two co-founders, both engineers, decided to become web development entrepreneurs. Over the next several decades, they did a bunch of really cool custom technology projects in the building product, manufacturing, construction, and automation arenas.

They also learned how to speak geek to businesspeople in ways they could understand — and used their no-nonsense communications style to win over tough audiences.

Based on all that work–and with 25 years of experience, they turned their focus to combining all their knowledge and experience into creating an ERP system for built-to-order manufacturers and dealers who sell, service, and install products.

Developing software is just part of our job.
The other part is making your business succeed.

You could even say that your business is our business.

That’s why our team is comprised of business and technology experts, equally.
We’ve got certified project management professionals and sales leaders. Software developers and electrical engineers. One of our founders was even a charter member of NASA’s first web development team.

But what really makes our team stand out is trust and respect for all.
People often say that they feel respected and valued when they deal with Clearbuilt. And that we are fun, not just geeks who speak and code in languages that many can’t understand.

That makes us want to do all that we can to ensure that our people — that includes staff, clients, and business partners — remain happy.

We’ve been developing software
for more than 25 years.

In fact, our products for manufacturers and their dealers evolved after decades of custom software development. During that time, we gained experience in all types of projects in all types of industries. Many of those years and projects were for manufacturers and the building industry.

We performed business consulting that tackled client challenges and highly complex transactions and workflows. We then replicated, automated, and improved upon those processes through clear, web-based technology solutions. Often deriving solutions that never would have occurred to our customers.

The ability to quickly grasp business needs and translate them into technology has helped Clearbuilt flourish
for more than 25 years.

The results are Clear.

creates insight and
efficiency for vision

Medium Gear

textile manufacturers to
manage complex design,
cutting, and sewing for bulk
mattress creation.

Small Gear

Managing money and
automobile inventory…
or stated another way:
put your money
where your car is.

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